Moisture Rocket

The direct inspiration for Moisture Rocket came from Kusuda’s surprise at spring in The Netherlands. In particular, the presence of trees in bloom in a city like Amsterdam. The blossoms reminded him of a story he knew from his childhood in his home town Fukuoka, Japan. The Legend of Michizane’s Flying Plum Tree. A Plum tree wished and prayed to be able to get loose from the ground in which it was rooted, to fly through the sky to meet again its exiled master Michizane. Tree’s inner strength allowed it to defy gravity, so that it could rejoin its master. Kusuda portrayed the flying plum tree as a moisture rocket, a rocket of life essence.

In this duet choreography Moisture Rocket, two wandering souls, unbeknownst to each other, make a journey that leads them to one another.They search for the possibilities to regain the unity that was once broken.

Moisture Rocket

choreography: Kenzo Kusuda | dance: Nora Heilmann & Kenzo Kusuda / Mireia de Querol & Kenzo Kusuda | music: Chris Heijens, Masayuki Yamada, Yamashirogumi, Kenzo Kusuda | light design: Ronald Tol ( Dansateliers Rotterdam ) | costume: Kenshiro Nakata, Kenzo Kusuda and Natasha Helmer | produced by: Korzo Production, The Hague, NL

* Moisture Rockect was first created as a trio for Dansateliers Rotterdam in October 2001, that was later re-created and re-staged as a duet for Voorjaarsontwaken Festival in April 2002 at KORZO Theater in The Hague, that was received with enthusiasm both by the public and the media. That same year, the duet Moisture Rockect was selected by Nederlandse Dansdagen as one of the best highlight of the dance season 2001-2002. Dutch national tour in 2005 season by KORZO Production.

* Winner of the choreographic contest DansClick 3: Chosen by 30 city theaters' directors to make a tour performance in the Netherlands between 22 September- to 10 November 2008.

* Moisture Rocket ( duet ) was selected as one of the high points of the dance season 2001~2002 by Nederlandse Dansdagen 2002.

* In autumn 2007, Moisture Rocket won the choreographic contest DansClick 3 and was selected as a part of touring program - The choice of 30 city theatre directors/programmers in The Netherlands. DansClick 3 was made possible by Fonds voor Podiumprogrammering and Marketing, VSB Fonds, FAPK-Dutch National Fund for Performing Arts.

* Also Moisture Rocket has been presented at numerous occasions such as: Civic Center La Barceloneta, 15 November 2007 / Duos-Sat, Festival Danced, Sant Andreu Teatre, Barcelona, 28 March 2008. / M.I.J.N Festival (Made in Japan/Netherland) Festival, in the Korzo5Hoog, The Hague, 8 and 9 May 2008. / Duo Solo Dance Festival, Saint Louis, Senegal, 17 June 2011


photography: © Elise Fitte-Duval, Astrid Huitker, Adnan Hasovic.

* note: The name of photographer is also mentioned in the jpeg title for each picture.