Pneu Pneu Pneu

- a group choreography for 8 dancers and 2 musicians

Commissioned by Lithuanian dance company AURA DANCE THEATER, a Japanese choreographer Kenzo Kusuda created this group choreography Pneu Pneu Pneu as a sincere tribute and homage to Lithuania; a very beautiful, lovely country with generous and spirited people over many generations who have paved their ways through the often turbulent journey in their history, while accumulating a very symbiotic assemblage of unique and peculiar souls as their distinctive signature. Especially reflecting on the collective memories and dreams of the First Republic of Lithuania (1918 – 1940), this group piece Pneu Pneu Pneu was presented in December 2015 at The Historical Presidential Palace of The Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas, a former President House of Lithuania.

Pneu Pneu Pneu


Kenzo Kusuda


Ema Senkuvienė, Ščavinskų Gintarė Marija, Paulius Prievelis, Oksana Griaznova, Kyrie Oda, Love Hellgren, Omer Lavie, Niels Claes, Laura Witzleben


Patris Židelevičius ( cello ), Kenzo Kusuda ( percussion / voice )


Židrija Janušaitė

special thanks to:

Birute Letukaite, Eglė Marčiulaitytė, Silvija Butkutė, & everyone from AURA Dance Theater and everyone from Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas.

produced by:

Aura Dance Theatre - Šokio Teatras Aura -

performed at:

Historical Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaunas. - ................ ( * Premier in December 2015 - )

photography by:

Svetlana Batura