Kenzo was astonished and overwhelmed when the Bolivian dancer Carmen Collazos Moyano began to sing a Japanese folk song for him. His thoughts went back to his homeland and the origin of our existence. Astronomers say that we originate from the cosmos, finding our beginnings in the stars after the Supernova explosion; as children of weightless stardust ( Nebula ) before a star is born and after it dies. The things that are no longer there sometimes weigh the most.

Flora, Lucifer, Nebula, Dew: 4 solo choreographies for 4 dancers from 4 different traditional/cultural background. The inexhaustibly creative Japanese dancer and choreographer Kenzo Kusuda is a unique phenomenon in the world of dance. His performances and dance style are personal, poetic, and often breathtakingly intense. With Flora, Lucifer, Nebula, Dew, Kenzo presents a new program for which he collaborated with four completely different dancers hailing from China, India, Bolivia, and Senegal. Moved by natural phenomena and memories, he created a solo with each dancer; together, these will be presented in one full-length program.


choreography: Kenzo Kusuda | dance: Carmen Collazos Moyano | music: Kenzo Kusuda (guitar), Carmen Collazos Moyano (voice), Nannan Liu (voice), Kenzo Kusuda (voice), Ivo Bol (sound effects), Nannan Liu (arrangement / mixing) | light design: Peter Lemmens | costume: Jookje Zweedijk | produced by: Korzo Production, The Hague, NL 2011

Choreography Nebula is a Korzo production and is financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, Municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts

with thanks to: Maaike Cotterink, Boukje Schweigman, Company Vidanza (Cochabamba / La Paz, Bolivia)

with special thanks to: Leo Spreksel for the conceiving and facilitating of this international and intercultural exchange project

photography: © Robert Benschop

* note: The name of photographer is also mentioned in the jpeg title for each picture.