Today you are cordially invited to walk into a secret pocket that you have had always with you or around you, the hidden pocket accompanying very close to your skin, always within your reach. But as if forgetting one certain password, you have long forgotten that you have ever had that pocket at all. The pocket you have once warmed your cold hand inside, or unconsciously playing with and feeling ease inside, or keeping your precious things inside and walking around with them everywhere you go, even after you have long forgotten that you have ever put anything in your pocket or even the presence of the pocket itself, you will be surprised one day when you accidentally find " it " and touch " it " again out there after such a long long time, sometimes even longer than our life time. Within the embrace of this special pocket, feeling again and anew the very temperature of our hands right now. Discovering that the warmth has been always there, unextinguished.

dance: Kenzo Kusuda | music: Eva Tebbe ( harp ) | light: Albert Tulling | location manager: Evelien van de Sanden | production: Anne-lyke van den Elshout | special thanks to: Leo Spreksel, Anne-lyke van den Elshout, Janneke van Stroe, Oene van Geel, Manus Sweeney, Eef van Breen, De gidsen van Het Gilde Den Haag, and very generous support and inspiration from the people from De Oud-Katholiek Kerk van de H.H.Jacobus en Augustinus te 's-Gravenhage; Dhr W.van der Velde, Ron van den Bos | produced by: Korzo Production / CaDance Festival 2013 | ( * music is based on the composition of John Cage; " In a Landscape " 1948 )

photography: © Maurice Haak

* note: The name of photographer is also mentioned in the jpeg title for each picture.