Artistic Collaborations:

MARIA BLAISSE ( visual artist / designer )

Kenzo Kusuda has long been in close collaboration with Dutch designer / visual artist Maria Blaisse, with whom he has been working in depth as a dancer in many of her art projects, films and museum exhibitions.

Amongst other prominent artists such as; Issay Miyake, Oek de Jong, Frances-Marie Uitti and Joost Swarte, Kusuda also contributed his own writing essay about body and nature’s energy form, design and movement dynamics in Maria Blaisse's latest art book " The Emergence of Form " that was later selected by FILAF " Festival International de Livre 'd Art et du Film " as one of the 9 best International Art Books 2014.

Kusuda's dance has been seen in Maria Blaisse's art films ( such as “ Moving Mesh “ & “ Bamboo Beach Ball “ directed by renowned filmmaker Jellie Dekker ), that have been presented at Isamu Noguchi Museum & Pratt Manhattan Gallery, both in New York City in early spring 2015.

© Maria Blaisse

Book: The Emergence of Form

Unique retrospective of the work of Maria Blaisse

The Emergence of Form is a publication about design. It concerns the necessity of producing exactly the right form, just as in nature. A look at the evolution in the oeuvre of Maria Blaisse allows us to visually follow how one form, as it were, emerges from another.

Maria Blaisse has been creating designs since 1970. She taught textile design for 17 years at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, starting in 1974, and is currently an international visiting professor. In this publication Maria Blaisse discusses her in-depth research into form in various materials and the numerous application possibilities, both autonomous and product-oriented. This idiom of form is examined from various perspectives from other disciplines.

With contributions by fashion designer Issey Miyake, architect Trude Hooykaas, dancer Kenzo Kusuda, writer Oek de Jong, cartoonist Joost Swarte and cellist Frances-Marie Uitti.

The Emergence of Form at

The Emergence of Form at

traveling geometry - an intimate exploration into architecture ( 2015 )

idea & realization by: Maria Blaisse | at: IASS symposium, 18th August 2015, BIMHUIS in Amsterdam | dance: Birgit Gunzl & Kenzo Kusuda | music: Niti Ranjan Biswas ( tabla ) | light: Ellen Knops film & edit: Vicky Broos

© Maria Blaisse / 2015

Breathing Bamboo ( 2012 )

Project by: Maria Blaisse | at: Designhuis Eindhoven | dance: Kenzo Kusuda | music: Oene van Geel ( music / viola ) | photography: Loan Oei

© Maria Blaisse / 2012

Moving Meshes ( 2008 )

( Kenzo appears from 04’02’’~ )

Project by: Maria Blaisse | assistance: Eva Malchaert, Janneke van der Putten, Koen Lucassen | dance: Marcela Giesche, Kenzo Kusuda | editing & film direction: Jellie Dekker

© Maria Blaisse / Data Images 2008

Bamboo Beach Ball

Bamboo structures by visual artist / designer Maria Blaisse, moved by bodies and wind in the vast landscape of Northern island “ Terschelling “ in The Netherlands.

design bamboo structures by: Maria Blaisse | film directed & edited by: Jellie Dekker | dance: Marcela Giesche, Kenzo Kusuda | music: Maraatsj ten Hoorn | audio: Dick Lucas | camera: Jacob ’s Gravesand

© Maria Blaisse / Data Images 2008