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Vitalizing the Invisible

- Kenzo's Workshop Words -

Excerpts From the Audio-Transcription of Kenzo Kusuda's Workshop Words : Chapter (0)~(6)

As an inspirational guide for our daily practice - :

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- (3) BABY’S EYE








Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (0) : INTRODUCTION

INTRODUCTION ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 0 )


Herewith I am sharing with you the collection of my workshop words ( workshop texts ), which I would love to share with you as a source of inspiration.

Hopefully it becomes some inspiration for you in whatever ways possible..! )

Those words are audio-recorded during my workshops, and later transcribed onto paper ( and also later on further re-formulated with some additional sentences and editings ), that eventually became more as a reading material of my daily movement practice archival in the written format in some way, and also with an intention to serve as a movement guide book text for whoever wants to experience the ambience of Kenzo’s workshop at home ( or anywhere..! ), as they read those words, regardless of whether they actually “ move “ their body or not.

With my sincere hope that the potential reader could possibly feel the “ Kenzo’s dance workshop “ within his or her own body, by using one’s own imagination while reading those texts..

It might seem to be looking like something between poetry and movement guide book.. and there are so many pages and so many words to read..,

but it is not so necessary to be read chronologically from the beginning till the end,

so please feel free to start reading from any sentence at any chapters.

So it might even be better to just open any pages randomly and intuitively, and start reading any sentence that comes to you first, just to start from somewhere somehow, and you can start anywhere.

Please just feel free to play around in the way how you would read these texts.

Anyway, I am sending those texts to you, just as a reference and a source of inspiration..;)))


* At this moment, the texts are made of 6 different chapters: These first 6 chapters (1)~(6) were transcribed, written during the period between April~May in 2020 ( * that was also the first corona pandemic lockdown period in The Netherlands, so I had enough time to engage myself in writing and revising all these texts at my home in Amsterdam in April-May 2020. * )

* One of these 6 chapters; Chapter(5): THE KNUCLE IS JUST A HALFWAY, was later published in the art project publication book " STRECHTY CONTAINERS - Artists on Chewing, Feeding and Letting Go " ( * published by n.k.g.publications, Amsterdam, NL ), the book was published in 2020, as a result of the contemporary art exhibition " It HAPPENS ANYWAY " in which Kenzo Kusuda was invited as one of the participating artists. Both the exhibition " IT HAPPENS ANYWAY " and publishing of the book " STRECHY CONTAINERS - Artists on Chewing, Feeding and Letting Go ( n.k.g.publishing, Amsterdam, NL ) were organized by Nina Glockner, Sachi Miyachi and Natasha Rosling. The exhibition took place at the art gallery W139 in Amsterdam in the summer of 2019.

* Probably I will keep on writing further and adding more new chapters that might follow later on.. Probably the new chapters (7) & (8) might be coming later to be added soon..

* There are still many more layers of new inspirations and discoveries coming up every(new-)day, new reflections and fresh insights in the daily practice.., and even as of today, many of those new elements / aspects of my current practices are not yet all written on paper in the form of texts at this very moment, but I hope that they will be on paper at some point, in one way or another, more or less, somehow.. )

- Vitalizing the Invisible :

Kenzo Kusuda

** Excerpts from Kenzo Kusuda’s workshop " Vitalizing the Invisible ", Audio-transcribed and expanded upon as part of his wider movement practice.

As an inspirational guide for our daily practice - : Chapter (0)~(6)

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- (3) BABY’S EYE








Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (1) : BREATHING

BREATHING - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 1 )



Please repeat the following breathing cycle a few times:

Breathe In ===> Hold Your Breath ===> Breathe Out

in your own tempo, on your own unhurried pace.

============== OOOOOOOOOO ==============

- Breathe In :

Breath in through your nostrils. Imagine that your body is inflating with air, as if you become a human-shaped balloon, filling up with delicious oxygen, with millions or trillions of your cells vigorously smiling in your entire body as a balloon.

- Hold Your Breath :

While holding your breath for a moment, give yourself an opportunity to simply listen to the world as if you become an invisible ghost in a space or an alert hunter in the jungle. In other words, you become the space itself, listening.

- Breathe Out :

Deflate your human-shaped balloon while taking a long and deep sigh, squeezing the air out. Imagine that the smoke is steaming out from your body into the space around you.

Smoke Hair, Smoke Chest, Smoke Feet, Smoke Palms.

And also the smoke is steaming out from all the pores from all over the field of your skin.

You have a special ability to see the smoke steaming out from you, and you can dance with the smoke around you.

==================================================== OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ==================================================== ==================================================== ==================================================== ====================================================

- Breathe In : ( Human-Shaped Balloon, Delicious Oxygen & Smiling Cells )

Breathe in through your nostrils.

Imagine that you are a balloon. A human-shaped balloon.

Your entire body as a human-shaped balloon is now gradually and slowly inflating and blowing up, filling up to the fullest, while providing delicious oxygen to the millions of trillions of cells in your entire body ( including your brain cells inside your head ) as one whole unit.

When provided with delicious and fresh oxygen, all the cells are fully saturated with vigorous and joyous smiles. Being fed with delicious oxygen, they are so extremely happy and euphoric and your cells cannot help but smiling in your whole body.

( * Additional note; ) When you breathe in through your nostrils, imagine that you are filling up your human-shaped balloon with air, which is the air from the room ( the space ) where you find yourself right now.

Wherever you are, breathe that air of that space where you are right now, the air which is available for you right now, right here. ( * Simply because there is nowhere else. ==> This is very important and crucial, and rather empowering realisation when it comes to the LIVE-performance situation, if you are a stage performer. )

Breathe in through your nostrils.

Air is filling up your human-shaped balloon, slowly pumping it up to its fullest. Inflating that human-shaped balloon as one unit, as one single balloon that is entirely wrapped by your skin field.

Oxygen is provided within all your cells, nurturing millions of billions of cells in you entire body that is by itself a micro-cosmos ecosystem powered by magic and inspiration, powered by the happy oxygen.

Also the oxygen is streaming through and filling up all your brain cells ( * also the brain cells within the backside of your head.., it is always good to give more attention to the back side of the body than the front side, generally speaking* ).

Imagine your whole body, all the cells in your entire body, is breathing as one whole unit as a human-shaped balloon.


- Hold Your Breath : ( A Hunter In The Jungle, Apprentice To A Ghost & You Are The Space, Listening )

Then, when you feel that you are fully filled up with oxygen, please hold your breath for a moment.

Hold your breath and just give yourself a chance to listen to whatever sounds you can listen to while you are holding your breath.

Just hold your breath for a moment, as if pretending to play dead, as if you don’t exist in this space anymore, as if you are secretly hiding yourself in the closet in your room, with your fully open ears, listening to the sound of the activities of “ the world without you “, as if you disappear in thin air and you become the room itself, listening to the sound of the world. You become the room itself, listening.

While you are holding your breath, listen to whatever sound you can listen to, right now, right here.

What do you hear right now..?

Just hear it, receive it, and accept it.

Embrace the grace of it all, whatever sound the world is presenting to you right now, right here.

Listen to any sounds you can listen to right now; the sound from the streets, the sound from the people walking by the corridor of your apartment, the sound of the floating dust in the air, the sound of the ticking clock somewhere in your room, the sound of your heart beat, the sound of your blood stream running through your veins, the sound of the cars and the bicycles passing through the street, the sound of the moving clouds passing across the blue sky above you.. even the tiniest sound you could possibly detect with your open ears.

Imagine that all your cells in your body have got their own ears in each of them, millions of ears are listening in your one body.

As if you have become a hunter in the jungle, your whole body becomes all ears, listening.

You have become so lucidly still and transparent, as if you have almost become an invisible and non-existent entity, almost like a ghost, vanishing into thin air and still listening without a body.

In other words, you have become the space itself, listening. As the space itself, you are now listening to the most subtle sounds of the world with its full vibrance.

Imagine that you become the room itself, listening to whatever there is right now, right here. You are transparent. You become the room, you become the space itself.

The space becomes your muscle. The space becomes your body. The space breathes as you breathe. You listen as a space itself. What do you hear..?

You are a hunter in the jungle, alert and vigilant.

Listen and observe, become transparent. Play dead. As if simulating to experience “ the world without you “ in some way, listen to whatever there is as a space itself.

Imagine that you are an apprentice to a ghost.

Or the viewpoint without a body, the floating spirit, so you can move your viewpoint anywhere in the space, as if you look at your human body’s figure from multiple corners within the space, like a floating moving camera, flying around you in the room.

You vanish and merge into the space itself, and you ( the space ), are listening and breathing as one body including all there is as one package of vibrant experience.


- Breath Out : ( Smoke Body - You Are The Space )

Then, finally, you breathe out. Breathe out from wherever you can breathe out.

For example; breathing out from your chest, feet, hair, hands, and also from your skin all over your body as a human-shaped balloon that is now deflating and shrinking while you are breathing out.

The air that you had been keeping fully in your human-shaped balloon, is now deflating and turning into the smoke which is steaming out from you.

Your entire skin field is breathing out, steaming out the smoke into the space around you.

Your body ( human-shaped balloon ) is now starting to deflate, shrinking into the wrinkled remains of the shrunken skin fields.

What you had in your body as contents ( air ), is now traveling back to where it originally came from; The Space.

That is why, the space is you, and you are the space.

You and The Space, you both share the same content, that is AIR.

Feel the affinity between these circulating components; You, your body, the air, the space, and your awareness that observes all these components which make up the “ present moment experience “ which is mediated by nothing but your own presence here in this space right now.

* See and reflect upon the inter-connected relationships between the following elements:

O2 ( Oxygen ), CO2 ( Carbon Dioxide ), H2O ( Water ).

* Imagine that you can breathe out from wherever you can breathe out. For example;

Smoke Chest

Breathing out from your soft chest ( soft sternum ), as if you are taking a deep sigh of relief.

As if the ballon starts to deflate and starts shrinking with more and more wrinkles, gently squeezing the air out.

Your chest is softening and your entire body starts to shrink further inwards, while taking a deepest sigh of surrender and relief.

Your chest, your sternum area is softening enormously and melting like a melting snow flake on the ground, with a feeling of relief and surrender.

Give up everything and lose your shape in a tender embrace.

Smoke Feet

Breathing out from your feet, as if your feet are smoking away, dissolving and dissipating from under your feet, as if they are melting away like a snow flake, as if they are decomposing themselves into the earth like the compost, disintegrating themselves into millions of organic microbes on earth.

Smoke Hair

Breathing out from your hairs, as if your hair becomes the smoke.

As if the white smoke is steaming out of your head, your hairs are now becoming the smoke, steaming up and dissipating into the air around you and above you.

Smoke Hand, Smoke Fingerprints

Breathe out from your palms, from your hands which are now turning into smoke.

The smoke is also seeping out from between your fingerprints of your hands and fingers, steaming out and dissipating into the space all around you.

Your hand is turning into smoke, dissolving into thin air and spreading further around you in the space.

Smoke Steaming out from all the pores on your Skin Field all over your body )

Breathing out from the entire field of your skin, breathing out from all the pores from all over your skin.

You are wrapped around by a single sheet of seamless skin field all over your body, wrapped within an endless plateau of skin field.

*** Special Ability To See The Smoke

Imagine that you have a special ability to see the smoke, which is coming out from you, dissipating into the space around you.

You can see the smoke steaming out from you; from your hair, chest, feet, palms, fingerprints, pores of your skin, etc..

Also imagine that you can see the smoke hovering like a floating cloud above you and around you in the space.

Imagine that you can walk into that smoke-cloud, or walking away a few steps back from it, or passing through under it, or walking all the way around it, or pushing yourself into the cloud, breaking through the cloud with your open chest, as if you go forward and unchain your heart, breaking through and reaching beyond the other side of the smoke-clouds.

Whenever you suddenly make a stop and pause your movement to a standstill, then you would soon notice the subtle movement of the floating clouds around you.

Now, only the clouds are the ones which are moving gently and slowly, blown by the wind. You stay still and simply observe the behaviour of the floating clouds around you in the space.

Then, you can choose either to join the current of the movement of the smoke-clouds, or moving a little bit faster or slower than the speed of the smoke ( or cloud ), enjoying the orchestrations and symphonies between you and the smoke-clouds around you in the space.

In other words, you dance a duet ( or trio, quartet or more ) with the floating smoke as your dance partner(s).





Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (2) : YOU ARE THE OCEAN

YOU ARE THE OCEAN - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 2 )


You Are The Ocean - Wrapped Inside The Skin Field

Imagine your body as a container of seawater. You are like a water bottle, a package of ocean contained inside your human-shaped balloon, wrapped inside your skin field.

You have the seawater inside you, the same seawater within your entire body; inside your belly, inside your leg, inside your arms, neck, face, back, hip, foot.., even inside the head, even inside one finger, even inside one piece of hair, even inside your nail.

Now, gently and slowly, you can start rocking and shaking your body, your seawater balloon container wrapped in your skin field, just a little bit, from side to side, in a very gentle and subtle way.

Gently shaking the water inside your whole body, so the water inside may create a gentle swirl, a tiny echo, waves or ripples inside your entire body as a container, a human-shaped reservoir of seawater.

Imagine that all your organs and all your bones are peacefully floating inside you, the seawater which is warm and gentle, full of essential nutrients in the ocean inside you.

While you are gently shaking your body, your seawater inside, with floating organs and floating bones, you are breathing through your nostrils, you are breathing like a newborn baby, peacefully taking a happy nap in the warm and gentle afternoon sunlight.

While you are gently shaking your seawater inside you, imagine creating the new spaces between one organ and the other organs, the new spaces that are slightly changing from time to time, keep creating new spaces between them.

Organs are not two-dimensional drawing or illustration or photo images on the anatomy book, but rather more real and more vital three-dimensional vibrant organs; warm and round and substantial with its weight and warmth and three-dimensionality, the aliveness of each organ is very vibrant and radiant, each of them floating peacefully in the warm seawater inside you.

Imagine that your organs are also smiling. Happy organs floating peacefully in the seawater inside you.

Let Your Organs Dance

Imagine that your organs are your dancers. So, you are already a dance company alone yourself. Your organs are your dancers. Let them dance their dances. You allow them to be. Imagine creating more free spaces between each dancers and let them float peacefully in the warm sunny ocean.

Also your heart is freely dancing its dance, turning into every new directions with joy and vigour. Your kidneys are also freely dancing in your back, easy and relaxed, smiling with joy. Your lungs are also dancing, expanding outside of your body like a gigantic holographic lungs on your both sides like your aura seen in the space around you, holographic lungs ( aura-like huge lungs ) which are larger than the actual size of your entire body, radiating out from you into the space around you.

Your right lung, and then, your left lung, one by one, alternately. Right lung, left lung, right lung, left lung.. like the walking of the two lungs; as we walk on right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot, alternately.. while taking a good moment of rest in between the right lung expansion and the left lung expansion, there is a gentle moment of rest, breathing out with your chest softening like a sigh of relief, like the balloon swelling up and then shrinking, then again gradually swelling up and then again shrinking down organically and naturally, as we gently breathe in and out with ease, with smiling cells, like a baby breathing and smiling in sunshine.

Also your intestines, and all of your organs are now dancing their own dance as they feel like. They regain their freedom, dancing and floating in the warm sunny water, smiling and shining, happy organs they all are.

You are the Ocean. You breathe the sunlight reflecting on your warm water. With all your cells smiling, you breathe like a newborn baby, sleeping peacefully in the warm sunlight.

Space Between One Hair & The Other Hairs

Also imagine the space between one hair and the other hairs. Gently change the space between one hair and the other hairs, just a little bit, even just a tiny micron/ millimetres, in a very subtle way. Create more subtle space between one hair and the other hairs.

Five Meter Long Hair - Super Sonic

Imagine that you have got a 5 meter long hair. And create a new space between one hair and the other hairs. All your hairs are 5 meter long.

You change the spaces between one long hair and the other long hairs.

All your hairs are 5 meter long, so they are all heavy and surrendered to the gravity, fallen and laying themselves onto the ground, dragging themselves and creating their own traces on the ground as they flow; very organic, wave-like traces, resting onto the ground with their heavy weight.

Your 5 meter long hairs are like a heavy long whip, which is very long and very heavy on its own weight, following after your every action with a little bit of delay, you can drag and swirl around the heavy whip that comes delaying after you, responding to the very subtle and minimum initial movement, that you trigger in the beginning.

You are dragging those long and heavy hairs like a ferocious heavy whip after you, a ferocious whip that comes delaying after you and then eventually surpass and exceeds the speed of sound ( super sonic boom ) with overwhelming power.

5 meter long hairs, they are resting on the ground with their own weight, they are ready to respond to any subtle trigger that you would make. They leave traces on the floor and all the walls around you.

Create new spaces between one hair and the other hairs in a very subtle way. All your hairs are 5 meter long, now quietly resting on the ground like a ferocious heavy whip, like a gigantic monster snake with its heavy weight body, resting, ready to slither along after you, but now completely resting onto the ground. The gravity takes charge of everything.

All your hairs are 5 meter long, they come after you with a bit of delay. You are the one who is choreographing those 5 meter long heavy hairs. Choreograph your 5 meter long hairs, and design the traces which they leave after them.

Observe and study how the gravity is working. Study how everything falls on its own weight onto the ground. Feel the weight, taste its heaviness, study the grace of the fall, observe how it all behaves under the law of natural gravity. Give up and surrender to the nature. Let it drop, let it roll, let it rest.

Holographic Lungs - A Sailor Reading The Wind

Usually our lungs are, of course, inside our ribcage. But now, just for inspiration, let’s imagine the following:

Imagine that your lungs ( both your right lung, and your left lung ) are bigger than the size of your ribcage, as if they are gigantic holographic lungs radiating outside the frame of your body ( like auric image emanating into the space from your body ), the gigantic size of holographic lungs floating in the space above you and around you, moving on their own, as your dancing organs in the air. Your lungs are your dancers. You are already the dance company alone yourself.

You have the holographic right lung & holographic left lung. They are both gigantic, holographic lungs, emerging out of your body, floating above you and around you, like a three dimensional, rather vertical and full volumed, round shaped holographic lung like a big cloud floating, both on your right side and on your left side above you and around you in the space ).

Imagine that you move and “ choreograph “ those holographic lungs in the air, each lung alternately one by one, right lung, then left lung, then right lung, then left lung, like walking. Walking of the two holographic lungs.

You shape and design the forms and the movements of your holographic lungs in the air. Each lung is far bigger than your body.

In combination with your breathing, you can morph and design the shapes of these holographic lungs. You choreograph your lungs in the air.

You can also imagine that you are a sailor on a boat, in the middle of ocean, sailing.

As a sailor, you have a spacial ability to “ read “ the wind. You can feel the wind, and according to the wind currents, you can navigate your boat. Wind changes frequently and unexpectedly on the sea, but you are an expert sailor who is good at “ reading “ the wind. As a sailor, you have a special ability to feel the wind and read the currents of the wind and water.

Now, imagine that you are a sailor, and your gigantic holographic lungs are floating above you in the air. Imagine that you are on a boat in the middle of ocean, and you have a special ability to feel and read the currents of the wind.

Imagine that your holographic lungs, like a huge summer cloud in the sky, are influenced by the current of the wind. The direction of the wind changes from time to time. Imagine how the cloud ( your holographic lung ) would get influenced by wind, dissipating or changing its shapes accordingly, morphing itself in the ever changing current of the sea breeze.

So now, you don’t have to do much on your part, but just stay still and feel the texture of the wind, listening to the ever changing currents of the wind which occurs and arises from unknown directions.





Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (3) : BABY'S EYE

BABY'S EYE - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 3 )


Baby’s Eye

Imagine that the middle point of your chest ( the middle point in between your two nipples, the middle core point in your sternum area, the middle core point deep inside your round torso ) is “ A Curious Eye of A Baby “, a baby who is crawling, eager to discover the fresh new world unfolding before his or her eyes, always wanting to touch and feel everything with the curious tactile sensitivity without giving any names tagged nor labels attached with anything at all, just seeing and staring everything with sparkling curiosity, bursting out laughing for seemingly no reason or any reasons at all, sometimes capricious and arbitrary, other times convincingly dedicated and determined, vigorously driven by the innate primordial impulse to reach out further and play everything out with anything that is available at that given moment, touching, tasting and devouring everything in all directions, totally ONE with the world.

Imagine that your Baby’s Eye ( located in the middle of your chest, a self-designated tiny dot or a spot, a middle point in between your two nipples in your sternum area ) which is hidden deep inside the core of your round torso, deep inside in the middle core of your chest, three dimensionally speaking.

Imagine that there is a tiny seed-like dot, a tiny micro point inside you, in the middle of your chest area, a tiny dot which wants to jump out of your body, reaching out, radiating outwards ( like the image of halo or aura, or the ray of light emanating outwards, or a sharp and strong laser beam penetrating into the space outwards, for example ), going out of the frame of your body to the outside world, reaching out 10 metres out of your body frame into the space, immediately at once ( without needing time to process it, it is done and finished and completed, already done when you take notice of it ), a penetrating laser beam have already reached and have already finished passing through to the other side of the wall.

A tiny middle point of your chest, The Baby’s Eye, jumps out of you, wanting to see the new world, and it goes through the wall in no time, in a flash it has already arrived and passed further into the wall that is more than 10 metres distance away.

Curiosity of a Baby’s Eye knows no boundaries. It needs no time to process. It does not need time. It lives beyond time, it goes beyond space. When it starts, it is already there, done finished already.

Baby’s eye is as fast as the speed of light.

Torch Light In Darkness

Imagine that you have a torch light, casting that torch light towards any direction inside the dark space.

As soon as you cast the torch light onto the wall, your light is there on the wall already, without needing much time at all to reach, arrive and hit that wall. Your light is already there, when you notice it.

In other words, you notice the presence of light and the direction and the length of light by seeing the light reflected on the wall.

Because of the reflected light hitting on the wall, you know notice the presence of light in the darkness. Bouncing back and forth and reflect on each other, the source of light and what is being lit. It is exactly like a mirror.

Imagine that you have a special torch light beaming out from your chest / sternum area, from the deep core of your heart, the endlessly deep darkness within your inner universe inside you.

Your curious Baby’s Eye, a strong light source from within your inner universe, your inner core deep within you, is shining out and beaming out your body into the space around you and beyond, 10 km further beyond in no time, traveling faster than the speed of light.

Sense of Wonder & Genesis Of Movement

Imagine your chest is the Baby’s Eye. That baby is crawling with full of curiosity.

The chest - your baby eye - wants to see the new world. So let it see the new world.

Your heart, your baby eye in the middle of the chest, is guiding you to the new world, a new angle, a new direction.

Let it jump out of your body until you might lose your balance and almost fall out of balance, until one of your feet might ( or might not ) catch your fall in the last moment, or letting it fall further otherwise, in one way or the other in some way, until it may become a so called “ walking “ or “ weight shifting “ or “ a movement “ or whatever you may call it, it is simply a whole body mass morphing and changing its weight within its content wrapped inside the skin field, within a human-shaped balloon that you are, in a very spontaneous and inevitable way.

You don’t have to do anything much on your part. Let’s leave it to the intelligence of the natural body, the primordial and instinctive intelligence of your whole being.

Let’s see what happens. Observe it, like a scientist or biologist or archeologist, with child-like curiosity and enthusiasm, breathing with a boosted sense of wonder.

Start From Where You Are

You always depart from where you are. Nowhere else is available but here, where you are right now.

The ground that your feet are touching right now, is the ground you have. No other ground, but this only ground is where you ( and only you ) can start your life.

There is no other ground than this ground. So do something with this ground. Do something with your feet. Because your ground and your feet, they are indeed the same, a one thing.

Your feet merge into the ground, and the ground merges into you.

Like the microbes interacting with each other, you and the ground corrode with each other on the very elemental and intimate level.

Feel your feet, and feel your ground right now, and feel something in both your feet and your ground, transfuse them with one another and let them merge as one.

Change something in your feet and in your ground, make a change, any small change is a change, soften your chest, soften your feet, soften your hair, any subtle change is a change, and change is the movement, the life itself.

Feel your ground and feel your body. This is the only place you can start your life.

Start from where you are, right now, right here.

No One Can Replace You

Nobody else can see what you are seeing in front of you right now. Even if there are 10 people in the same room, everyone sees something different from the others, simply because nobody has the same particular exact angle of viewpoint and the same particular exact spatial position in the same room, and everyone is seeing and experiencing the event from his / her very particular angles and positions which nobody can see and experience the exactly the same way.

What is in front of you by chance right now, is only seen and experienced by you alone, in this particular exact angle and perspective right now. You Are The Only One.

No One Can Replace You. Only One Who Can Replace You Is You.

Without Naming

See and feel what you see in front of you by chance. You are the only person who is experiencing what you are experiencing. This is the first-hand experience, that is not mediated or biased by the second source. This is your own personal real tangible experience that is available in front of you and that is very original to you alone. So you feel it fully, and appreciate it fully, if you dare. This is a truly unique, original experience.

Breathe with your sensitivity to the fullest, without naming the experience in any way. Leave it fully to your sensitivity, without giving it a name or a label. Your sensitivity knows it all. They know each other very well already, so you don’t make them smaller than they truly are by naming, tagging and labelling them in any way. Your sensitivity knows them all, and they know you, because you are one.

Just meet, meet, meet, as frequently and deeply as possible, whatever is in front of you, you meet and receive it, without naming each other. Breathe what you see. You are the mirror, you are the ocean, you are the light, you are the ground. That is more than enough.

Is It You Dancing?

Always start from where you are right now.

You don’t have to go to anywhere else than where you are right now. There is no place other than here. So start now, and it's starting, you are in it, you are with it, you are at it, you are it.

What do you see in front of you right now? What do you hear right now?

Listen to whatever you can listen to right here and right now.

You also hear your breathing. Give attention to your breathing.

Feel the warmth, temperature, any sign of aliveness in any part of your body. Detect any tiny sign of warmth in any tiny part of your body.

Breathe in through your nostrils, hold your breath and listen to any sound.

Then breathe out from the skin pores and deflating your chest, feet and hair.

Smoke is steaming out from you, into the space, into the ceiling and walls.

Feel your feet touching your ground, feel the texture of your feet or your ground, they are one thing so that you cannot tell them apart.

So your ground is your body. You can move your ground, ground is your dancer, and you are a part of the ground. You are identical to each other.

Ground is dancing, or is it you dancing?

This is the only ground you have right now. So this is your ground. Melt into it. Decompose yourself and dissolve yourself into it when you breathe out. You are decomposing and disintegrating, joining the earth, going back to the place you came from, and you will rise up from it, emerging.





Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (4) : REVEALING BEAUTY

REVEALING BEAUTY - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 4 )


Being Seen By What You Are Seeing

Ask yourself a simple question like the following:

“ What do I see in front of me, right now, by chance..?? “

Whatever you see in front of you by chance, just see it as it is, and receive it as it is.

When you are seeing it, imagine that it is also seeing you back. Imagine that whatever you are seeing has its own eyes with it, seeing you back. You are being seen by it, as well as you are seeing it.

It is a completely mutual meeting. You see it. It sees you. You are being seen by it. You are seeing each other, discovering each other.

This could possibly be an opportunity for a miracle.

Soft Puppet & Puppet Master

Usually, you have 2 eyeballs in your face, of course. But now, just for inspiration, let’s imagine the following:

Imagine that you transport your 2 eyeballs from the front surface of your face, to the backside of your head ( behind your head ), so the position of your 2 eyeballs are now shifted about 10~15 cm backward.

Your 2 eyeballs are now replaced and re-located on the backside of your head, and those 2 eyes are still looking into the same direction as before, still facing the same way towards the direction of your nose and your mouse, seeing and receiving everything in front of you.

Imagine that you are a “ Soft Puppet “, and you are also a puppeteer, “ The Puppet Master “ at the same time. You move your 2 eyes from behind your head, as if a Puppet Master is manipulating your head from behind.

Your frontal eyes ( your real-eyeballs on the frontside of your face ) are soft-focused and relaxed now, as if they have become the gentle surface of the lake, the water surface of the lake.

Your eyes are like the surface of a lake water, very soft, still and calm, just reflecting the blue sky above and the white clouds passing across, all received and reflected on the surface of the gentle lake water that is now your soft-focused 2 eyeballs.

You are breathing like the mild and gentle water surface.

You simply become a receiver, a sensor, a receiving devise which receives and embraces everything that comes right in front of you at this given moment by chance.

You are the water. You are the mirror. You breathe together with what you are seeing right in front of you, you breathe together as one.

Whatever you see in front of you, just breathe what you see, breathe together, make it a part of your breathing body. You are also curiously listening to the gentle breath of how it ( whatever you see in front of you ) breathes.

When you breathe, it also breathes with you, and you are listening to its subtle breath while you breathe together as one body.

Breathe in what you are seeing right in front of you at this moment by chance, as if that is an integral part of your own body, your whole being. Breathe that all in, as if that is your oxygen, your inspiration.

Borrowing The Ears & Listening Together

Imagine the 2 ears of what you are seeing. You can borrow it’s 2 ears, and integrate those borrowed 2 ears into your own 2 ears. That means you are now listening with 4 ears altogether in total. Listening with 4 ears, all together listening to one thing that is the space.

You don’t listen alone. You listen together. You listen as one.

Additionally you can borrow more ears from others ( from other objects or other elements you can find in your room, for example ), listening with more multiple numbers of ears, burrowing their collective ears to assist your 2 ears.

Listening with those collective ears, borrowed from multiple sources around you in the space.

In this way, you may notice ( or other people may also notice ) that your “ presence “ seems to be naturally expanding into the space, resonating in quality with wider spatial range that is reaching further and encompassing over the whole entire space as a consequence.

You Are The Space, Listening

You can boost and maximise your so called “ stage-presence “ as a stage-performer, for instance, by listening to the live sound or listening to the space itself with the collective ears, any number of the extra ears borrowed by multiple places in the theatre space including hundreds of audience members sitting in the tribune as well as the co-performers and any spacial object and the architectural space itself.

Ear is such a powerful sensory organ, and you can re-define by yourself the meaning of the definition of the ownerships of the ears, you can re-define it in the way you want it so that it can assist your performance skills and the power as a stage performer ( * you could be a dancer, actor, musician, singer, comedian, or a public speaker, etc..).

You should give it a try and test it by yourself, and just observe what happens and what effect or chemistry that might generate and trigger in the shared reality on the stage.

Mirror, Radar, Cocoon & Embrace

Just receive whatever you see right in front of you, like receiving and accepting a new friend coming and going, you smile and say hello to what you see.

You see it, and it sees you back. It is a mutual meeting between you both.

You are being seen by what you are seeing. ( Whether it be a cup, a chair, a pen, a wall, a curtain, a floating dust, a person, a cloud, a table, anything.. )

Whatever you are seeing in front of you by chance, just give yourself a chance to turn it into a precious opportunity for a mutual meeting between you and that you see right in front of you at that moment.

You breathe that particular preciousness as your oxygen.

You see whatever you see in front of you at that moment by chance. You receive whatever you see, like a radar, or like a satellite dish, just receiving it and embracing it all, wrapping it up and surrounding it from behind your head ( * your 2 eyes which are shifted to the backside of your head, and your eyes are relaxed and soft-focused, functioning more as a receiving sensor device ), enveloping the whole sphere in the round form like a cocoon within which both you and what you are seeing are breathing as one.

Take one deep breath through your nostrils, feeding every cells in your whole body with delicious oxygen, and imagine all your cells are smiling vigorously.

At the same time, what you are seeing right in front of you is also breathing with you as an integral part of your one whole body, breathing together with you.

Make them your body, and let them breathe together along with your breathing.

You don’t breathe alone. You breathe altogether. You breathe as one.

Revealing Beauty

Like the eyes of the painter, you can discover the subtle beauty of whatever you see in front of you.

Beauty of a model, beauty of a person that you don’t know, beauty of the mountain landscape, beauty of the wall, beauty of the contrast between light and shadow, beauty of the texture of the orange curtain in a room, beauty of the still object, beauty of the fading flowers, beauty of a smiling baby crawling on the floor, beauty of a floating dust in the air, beauty of anything that you see right in front of you at this very moment by chance.

Like the eyes of the painter, you have a special ability to see and discover the most subtle and not so obviously visible, very unconventional magnificence of shining beauty which is hidden under the surface of what you see.

You are embracing its texture, warmth, vibrant aliveness and its radiance, its beauty which is overlooked and unnoticed, but you are the first person, the very first witness to discover, acknowledge its hidden beauty, appreciating and praising its vibrance and radiance beyond the appearance for the first time.

“ I see your beauty. You are really beautiful. “

For the first time it’s beauty is recognised by you. It may get surprised, even overwhelmed, because nobody has ever given it a proper attention until today. In a confusion and accustomed disbelief, it may ask you back, saying;

“ Really..? Do you mean, I am beautiful..?? Really?? “

And you would say again,

“ Yes, I see your beauty. Probably nobody has ever said that you are beautiful, and therefore you might have not been even aware of your own beauty at all, but I have a special ability to see your beauty and I can see your beauty.

You are beautiful. You should know that too.

I can become your mirror, so you can see your beauty shining back and reflecting on my mirror.

You see me now.

You know that I am a mirror, a transparent, neutral mirror that is made of water, like a gentle surface of a lake.

As a mirror, I am not here to express “ myself “ at all, but I am here to express your shining beauty and magnificent radiance, which I can discover and reflect on my mirror, a transparent and lucid lake, or the shining ocean full of vibrance.

I see you right in front of me, and you see me.

This is just by chance, but at the same time, this is not by chance at all.

I have a special ability to see your beauty which you yourself have not yet been even aware of, and I serve you as a lucid mirror, boosting up your emerging beauty so the world will acknowledge your presence in the light.

I am breathing your shining beauty in my whole body. I am the Ocean and you are the Light.

Your beauty shines more and more as you breathe with me. We are one body, breathing together. "


It is very inspiring if we DARE to discover the sense of beauty in anything we encounter by chance.

Inspiring to see anything which is not obviously “ beautiful “ in the conventional sense, while the most of them are often considered “ not beautiful “ or “ insignificant “ or “ unimportant and uninteresting “ or “ ugly “ , and in many cases they are not even given any attention whatsoever, totally overlooked and unrecognised, considered almost non-existent. People don’t see them.

But if you dare to become the first ever person to give them a sincere attention for the first time, as a mutual, equal partner or a friend, receiving them as they are as a neutral mirror image reflecting on your being in the shared space, you both are almost putting your feet in each other’s shoes, that is a truly compassionate state of “ mutual meeting “ between you both; whether it be a person or a still object or a wall or a tree or the architecture or a chair or a cup or an insect or a bird or a pencil or a dust.

So, you become the mirror, discovering the hidden beauty in whatever you see right in front of you. You give its beauty a boost and breathe that shining beauty, reflecting in your body.

You are the one who is discovering the beauty as a first person’s experience. It is not depending on them, but it is depending on you. You are the first one to start. Then the world may follow you.

You start up the chemistry machine. You are the alchemist, a true medium, a presence.

You have a special ability to see the beauty shining up in whatever you see in front of you by chance, so your presence as a transparent mirror will become an enormous gift for them so that they can recognise their own hidden beauty because of your presence.

That is your true gift, a present - the true presence of you that is emerging. Your presence becomes a gift to the world.

When you see and discover the beauty in “ the other “ and breathe in that beauty inside you as your delicious oxygen and boosting your cells with smiles, you will then immediately become beautiful as well, manifesting and embodying its shining beauty inside you and upon you.

Both of you become magnificently beautiful because you are both mirrors for each other.

You have a special ability to discover the shining beauty in others as a transparent mirror that is made of water with happy oxygen.

You receive and discover the beauty. That is your true power. That is your true gift to the world. That is your true presence.





Kenzo Kusuda *


KNUCKLE IS JUST A HALFWAY - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 5 )


Knuckle Is Just A Halfway

Imagine that you have a special ability to see through your hand like an X-Ray image, so that you can see the bone structures of your fingers, and all their anatomy.

As you can see clearly in an X-Ray, your finger bones are actually twice longer than how they appear from the outside.

Surprisingly, your knuckle is just the halfway point of the entire length of your finger bone.

Most people only use 50% of the finger bone’s true potential. We are missing the other 50%. That is a pity.

When we move our fingers, we automatically tend to move only those obviously visible parts of our fingers (only 50% of their true length), while the remaining 50% of the ‘forgotten’ finger bones inside the palm are not integrated at all, totally overlooked and chopped off from our consciousness. Therefore the finger bone’s structure remains stiff, rigid and stagnant.

In today’s society, in our daily lives we tend to separate the activities of our fingertips, from that of our eyes, our brain, our organs, and of the rest of our body. These are all so disconnected from each other and chopped apart.

Our fingers’ and our brain’s activity are so closely interconnected, so if we approach our finger’s movement (and how we picture our finger in our body mapping images) this greatly affects our brain activity.

And our brain activity is so closely interconnected with our body’s organic system as a whole, and every single bone is so closely interconnected and linked with every other bone structure in the entire mechanism of the body.

So if we reprogram our view, and our approach towards the tiny detailed parts of our body on a deeply fundamental level, it will inevitably affect and change the rest of our body’s organic mechanism in a surprisingly drastic way.


So we should remind ourselves the following:

The knuckle is just the halfway point along the entire length of your finger bone structure.

And you have all of it, always with you. So use it fully.

So all of your fingers are indeed twice longer than you think.

See the true nature of your fingers, acknowledge the natural design of your finger bones, which you already have in your hands.


You Are The River, Streaming

Follow the natural curvature of your finger bone from the tip of your finger into its first finger joint, second finger joint, then knuckle, then tracing the lines and flowing into the wrist area, then flowing into the fore-arm area, then into the elbow point, into the upper-arm area then finally into the softened chest, then into both the softened feet and softened hair, until you soften and breathe out your human-shaped balloon, which is now deflating and shrinking; eventually losing your balance like a newborn baby, falling until your feet would intuitively catch and receive your body weight in a surprisingly brand new position, somewhere unexpected after the fall, in one way or the other, somehow you end up shifting your whole body weight into another position and a new situation you didn’t imagine before.

That will become an exciting experience.

You welcome the unknown and surrender to the intelligence of the body, to see and observe how it manages itself and you will learn from the experience, instead of controlling the situation within a known territory, you expand the range of your experience by welcoming the unknown and let the intelligence of your body teach you and guide you into a new open territory.


Now, choose one finger, and move that one finger with its long finger bone (100% full-length) gently and quietly, in a very subtle way. Gently moving and rotating your long finger in a very subtle way, as if it is floating in the current of a gentle river.

Following the natural curvature of the finger bone’s design, following that natural stream along with the bone structure’s graceful curvature.

Sometimes you can try to rotate your long finger bone in a very subtle and gentle manner as if you are rotating a long pencil or a long winding twig that you found in the forest, gently rotating the 100% length of your finger bone, slowly rotating only a little bit, while reminding yourself that the knuckle is just the halfway point of the entire length of the finger you are moving or rotating right now.

Accept and respect every organic curve and shape of your finger joints’ structure, and appreciate the organic forms of your finger as they are.

Gently breathe while you access your 100% length of your finger’s bone structure, breathe through your nostrils and provide oxygen to your whole body as you approach your finger movements.

Remember that the knuckle is just halfway along your long finger.

Integrate your breathing and your soft smoke chest, soft smoke feet and soft smoke hair, when you give your attention to the 100% length of your finger bone structures.

The finger of your choice is now floating in mid air in your room like a floating pencil.

Now imagine the finger is gradually starting to rotate millimetre by millimetre, from one direction to the other, still suspended in the same spot, sometimes insisting to rotate in a spiral direction towards 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and even more towards 180 degrees, 270 degrees and finally 360 degrees until you finally lose your balance and flip over and fall, eventually collapsing onto the ground as a refreshingly spontaneous organic consequence.

When you start rotating your long finger bone (100% length) little by little in a very subtle and delicate way, the effect this rotation generates can be surprisingly powerful and dynamic, almost like a magnetic force that could take you over completely, as if you are doing AIKIDO all by yourself (or doing AIKIDO with an invisible partner, or with your finger as your partner).

During the finger’s rotating process, it is also very important to soften your chest / your feet / your hair.

You can integrate your gentle breathing process as a human-shaped balloon, breathing through your nostrils into your whole body (including your brain, of course), so your whole body will breathe as one organic unit, breathing like a newborn baby who is taking a peaceful nap in the sunny afternoon.

Also you can imagine tracing a line which is flowing and streaming through your body from one point to the next, flowing like a river, starting from your long finger rotating in a subtle movement, reaching past your wrist and your forearm area, then streaming into a point in your elbow, then streaming through your upper-arm area and past your shoulder area into your chest area, streaming into your sternum point (middle core point of your chest area), then softening your sternum point, softening your feet, softening your hair, breathing as a whole body.

All these connections will generate in your body a very organic natural movement as one whole unit.

Nature designs you. A dance visits you and dances you out into the world. You don’t have to do anything much on your part.

See the true nature of the finger bone structure that will guide you through.

See its beauty and graceful structure hidden inside.

Treat your body as a precious gift, a treasure box full of wonder and inspiration.

All your cells are boosted with vigorous smiles, joy and vibrance of curiosity.

Try it with different fingers, too.

Remember, the knuckle is just a halfway point.

Touching 10 Metres Into The Wall

Imagine that you have a special ability to touch 10 metres into whatever you are touching or reaching towards.

Touching 10 metres into your inner body. Touching 10 metres into the wall. Touching 10 metres beyond the ceiling. Touching 10 metres beneath the ground under your feet. Touching 10 metres into a person who you are touching or reaching toward. Touching 10 metres into a still object that you find in your room, such as a cup or a pen or a table or a chair or a sculpture or a wall or a window or a floor. Touching 10 metres into the space inside a theatre. Touching 10 metres into the hearts of audience members seated on the other side of the theatre tribune. Touching 10 metres into the darkness.

Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a spacious room. In that room, you are surrounded by 4 walls. You are standing in the middle of the room. With your hand, you are now trying to reach one of those 4 walls at a distance, those 4 walls are all so far away from you, so you cannot touch it directly, nevertheless, you reach your hand toward the wall, as if you are ‘longing’ for it.

Now, imagine that your hand has already passed through the wall, to the other side.

All of your 5 long fingers up to your wrist (then up to your forearm, almost reaching your elbow point) have now passed through the wall, and are touching beyond the wall into the other side of the room.

Without directly touching the wall, you are ‘already’ touching through, beyond that wall into the other side, already touching inside the wall.

When you reach toward the wall with your hand, try not to ‘process’ the act of reaching toward it, but imagine you have already passed beyond the wall, without sending out and reaching and touching.

You have ‘already’ passed through the wall and you are already touching and doing something more beyond the other side of the wall.

Without processing from Point A (trying to reach) to Point B (finally arriving to touch and trying to pass through the wall), because if you ‘try’ to reach, you will never reach.

Instead, imagine that you are already at Point B, then enjoy Point C: now already busy doing something else over the other side beyond the wall, already busy touching the other side of the wall, tasting the texture of the air on the other side of the wall, moving your 5 long fingers freely beyond the other side of the wall.

That is already happening right now, right here, and you breathe that LIVE experience right now.

So start from the state of ‘already having passed, already having reached, and already doing something more over there’.

So we go beyond time. Skip the process. Skip the time. Skip the waiting.

Imagine that you are ‘already’ enjoying the texture beyond the wall.

Process requires time. Effort requires time. But now, we will skip time. We don’t process. We are over there, encompassing all the space as far as our attention goes.

Our attention, our imagination, is our longest limb.

We don’t send. We only receive and appreciate.

Start directly from receiving. Go into tasting and appreciating right away, right now.

Feel your body, feel your space, as one thing.

Imagination Is Your Longest Limb

Your hand is ‘already’ touching beyond, deep inside that thick wall, to the other side.

Beyond the wall, you feel your long finger bones, your 5 long fingers, with their 100% full length, where the knuckles are just halfway points.

When you move one of your fingers, please try to move a finger that is already over there, a finger which has passed beyond the wall, so you move that finger beyond the wall.

Make sure that you move that imaginary finger which you ‘see and feel’ beyond the wall, not your physical-real-actual finger.

Rather, you keep your real-actual finger absolutely still, instead only trying to move your ‘imaginary-holographic-finger’ which is already inside the wall or beyond the wall.

You move that imaginary finger (with 100% of its length beyond the wall) then connect a line tracing from one long finger bone (beyond the wall) that is then flowing into your elbow point (transferring back into your actual physical real body), then into your sternum point in the middle of your chest, while breathing out with smoke chest, smoke feet and smoke hair, consequently all at once, that will trigger and generate the whole body’s organic movement.

The whole weight of your entire body mass will be inevitably shifting, corroding, morphing and transferring the whole mass of weight into a new accidental position and new situation on new ground.

Organically decomposed and disintegrated and joined into new earth, while constantly falling like a landslide, like the force of nature, ever changing new positions and new situations arise, one after the other.

The genuine correlation between the space and your body’s whole mass structure goes hand in hand like a chain reaction in chemistry, generating an inspiring succession of new movement possibilities, new situations and new experiences.

Remember the 100% length of all your 5 fingers.

The knuckles are just halfway 50% points of the entire length of your finger bones.

See the true nature of your finger bones’ structure with your inner X-Ray vision and breathe with it.

In the same way as touching beyond the wall, you can also touch beyond the ceiling, beyond the ground beneath you, passing through your transparent invisible body, beyond your inner body and inner darkness, beyond anything.

You can touch 10 metres (or more) into whatever you are touching.

Attention is Imagination. Imagination is your longest limb.

Speed Of Light, Beyond The Moon

Imagine that when you shine a light from the Earth to the Moon, it will only take about 1.3 seconds to get there.

(The average distance between The Earth and The Moon is about 384400 km, and light travels 300000 km per second).

This light can make a round trip, back and forth between the Earth and the Moon, taking 3 seconds.

Before you finish counting 1~2~3, you can already go and touch the texture of the Moon directly and make a return back to Earth, within a matter of 3 seconds.

Contemplate and reflect upon this.

What if You are the light?

Imagine that you have a strong torch light, your Baby’s Eye, deep inside the core of your heart, which is deep within you, more than 10 km deep inside your darkness in your micro universe deep inside you, the strong torch light (or a source of light from deep inside your darkness, from millions of light-years away within you) which can travel outwards, like the light shining out of your body into the further distance at the speed of light.

You can go and touch the Moon within 1.3 seconds. You have a special ability to taste the subtle texture of the Moon, already right now, right here, with your body that is the light.

Your Baby’s Eye guides you to a new angle and a new direction.

The heart leads you, and your feet follow, with a bit of delay.

As the heart jumps out of the frame of the body, the total mass of your body will lose its equilibrium and almost fall, and purely out of the instinctive mechanism of your body, one of your feet might (or might not) come to catch you up and cope with that falling in one way or the other somehow, and the new movement keeps unfolding.

That is the origin of walking, or the genesis of movement.

So let yourself be taken and guided by the Baby’s Eye, to wherever it wants to go and see the new world in new multiple angles and perspectives.

That will be an experience, taken to a new place, taken to the unknown. You receive and experience a new landscape, taken on a journey, a trip.

When you surrender and receive, you can feel more and you can taste more. You become the sensor, you become the sensitivity itself. You become one with that which you are sensing. Sensing and being sensed, becomes one, like a mirror. You cannot tear them apart. You are It, right now, right here.





Kenzo Kusuda *

- Chapter (6) : HOUSE WITH ANGELS

HOUSE WITH ANGELS - ( Kenzo’s Workshop Words - 6 )


Breathe The Wall

When you see something, you can see the totality of it. You can see the whole thing.

When you see a wall, for example, you see the totality of a wall. What is the totality of a wall..??? Asking yourself a simple question. Ask the same question to a wall. Because you are mirrors to each other. Ask a simple question, and breathe with that question. Breathe again.

You can see not only this part or that part of the wall, but the whole square meters, the entire surface of that wall, from this corner to that corner, from one end to the other end, all the entire surface of that particular wall.

You can see the entire length going up into the ceiling from the bottom of the floor, from one edge of one side to the other edge of the other side, from corners to corners, the whole entire surface of that particular wall, like an empty blank canvas of a painter. That is the wall.

Imagine, when you breathe in front of that particular wall, the wall also breathes with you.

You & The Wall, breathing together as one body.

The entire surface of the wall is breathing with you.

You listen to the subtle breath of the wall. You care about how the wall breathes.

You are interested in the way how that particular wall breathes in a particular way.

You say Hello to the wall. The wall is looking back at you, smiling back at you as it breathes.

When you breathe, the wall breathes. You are breathing together as one.

When you breathe in, the wall also breathes in, swelling up and inflating fully, shining up brighter, becoming more luminous and phosphorous like a firefly becoming luminous as it breathes.

When you breathe out, the wall also breathes out, deflating the air from its millions of pores on its surface of the “ skin field “ of the wall.

The wall is the skin of the space in which you are in. And you and the space, are in sync. You are one.

The wall is breathing.

You are here to mediate its breathing.

Because of your presence in this room, and because of your generous attention to that particular wall, the wall can breathe better, discovering itself breathing and living in this room.

Without your presence in this room, the wall might not have noticed that it is living and it is breathing in this room.

But since you have entered this room, the wall has been seeing you, and now you are seeing the wall back, so the wall and you are meeting mutuality and acknowledge each other’s presence right now. This is the beginning of everything.

This is the beginning of a miracle that emerges out of nothing but this compassionate attention and acknowledgements, imagination and the power of listening to what is.

You are the alchemist, a medium.

The wall is breathing with you as one body.

The Space

We take the oxygen from the space, from this house, from this room, surrounded by these 4 walls.

By using our heartfelt gestures, we can start to speak to the house, talking to the space.

The space is listening to you.

The space knows you.

The space sees you.

You can say Hello to the space, giving your sincere greetings from the honest and humble depth of your heart.

House receives your greetings. The space feels your genuine presence.

Let the space know that you notice the space, you take account of the space as your companion.

You acknowledge the genuine presence of the space itself. You are embraced in the vibrance of the space.

You listen to the rhythm of the space.

You hear the pulsating heartbeat of the space. You listen to the subtle breath of the space.

Space is breathing.

Your own breath would be soon tuning in to the breath of the space.

The space is also listening to your breathing.

You harmonise with each other and you breathe together as one.

You see the space. Space is seeing you too.

You are being seen by the space. You cannot hide anything from the space. Space knows everything about you. So you don’t have to hide anything in this space. Space sees your essence already. You cannot hide anything, you cannot pretend to be anything else than who you truly are.

Space knows you more than you know yourself. So ask the space what it knows of you.

You will listen to the space.

You are curious and excited to listen to the subtle breath of the space, because the space knows more than you know about yourself.

You want to learn from the space.

Space is your body. Space is your muscle.

You may not know enough about your body, who you truly are. You may not know enough about your body, the space, the breath and the air that is our common content, an essential component that makes up your body, the spirit that knows no borders.

That makes you feel humbled and honest in some way, you cannot do anything but bowing your head to the space, giving up everything and surrender to what is.

Space is gentle, peaceful and subtle and powerful at the same time, and familiar and intimate like a tree or a forest.

Space knows your essence, your true nature, your spirit. Space knows your vulnerability. Space knows your weakness. Space knows your real strength. Space knows your beauty. Space knows your beauty that you yourself are not even aware of.

You see the space. The space sees you back.

You are being seen by the space. It is a mutual and genuine encounter between you both.

Small Angels

Imagine that there are 8 small angels in this room.

They are very small angels, 8 of them.

They are breathing gently and quietly, and their hearts are beating, you can almost hear their blood streaming through their veins, if you listen carefully.

They are very shy and lovely small angels, very quietly and humbly living at the 8 corners of this space.

( * 4 angels at 4 corner edges of the ceiling, and 4 angels at the 4 corner-edges of the floor ).

Very quietly and humbly for many years since this house has been build here.

Some of them are living more than hundreds of years already, all of them are very old souls.

They have been living in this space much longer than you do.

Some of the angels are more than 500 years old. Some are even older. They are ancient souls, a guardian angels of some sort.

Many of them are very very shy. Some of them are very naughty and playful like a child.

Each angel have their own unique character and personality with their own unique temperament.

They are all very beautiful living souls, the ancient spirits in the house.

They are very shy and warm and pure and sensitive, and they are always curious about you, a new guest who is visiting this room.

They are secretly looking at you, with their sparkling curiosity, secretly gazing at you from the far distance, each from their 8 corners in this house.

When you look up and you may notice one of the angels looking at you for a long while already, and now you are finally receiving and accepting an angel’s gaze upon you, now you can acknowledge each other in distance and meeting each other face to face, eyes to eyes.

If you feel and notice that some of the angels are looking at you from a particular corner of the ceiling, then you can look up at them back, so you and angel(s) are mutually finding each other and meeting each other.

You can smile at them, you can say Hello to the angel(s) and wave at him / her / them when you acknowledge their presence.

It is a mutual greetings, a meeting with angels in the space.

Many of them are very shy, so when you look at them, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard or too sudden, otherwise you might scare them away.

They would become very shy and feel overwhelmed if you are pushing too strong and too assertive.

Angels are as sensitive and alert as the stray cats on the street.

So you should be very sensitive and delicate when you approach them. You shouldn’t scare the angels.

Just know that they are looking at you from their corners, and if you feel their gaze upon you, you would feel their warmth and temperature inside their tiny angel bodies, you would hear their subtle breathing, their tiny heartbeat and their blood streaming in their tiny veins in their tiny bodies.

Imagine their eyes are looking at you, their ears listening to your breath, your heartbeat and the sound of your blood streaming in your vein in your body.

All the 8 angels are secretly listening to all that from you.

You are being seen and heard by 8 angels’s eyes and ears, each angel stationed at each 8 corner in this room.

So you can also ask and borrow their ears, so you can listen to the space together with angels’ ears.

You borrow the ears from the angels, listening together and breathing together as one.

When you listen with the multiple ears borrowed by all the 8 angels, and listening and breathing with 8 angels together, the entire cubic square meters of the content of this whole space will breathe with you.

You can let the space breathe more vibrantly.

You and 8 angels are listening to the subtle and vibrant breath of the space together.

The space is breathing with you as one body.

The house is breathing, because of your presence in this house.

You Are An Alchemist

You are an alchemist, a medium. You inspire the space and angels. You let them speak and you listen and you learn.

You feel the texture of their presence, however subtle that could be, you have a special ability to feel it.

Space is your muscle, your body, your companion, your breath, your content, your micro cosmos inverting with super nova explosion. We are all children of stardust.

You merge into the space, dissipating as a smoke body, evaporating, steaming out and joining back to where it originally came from, the air.

You are the mirror made of water, transparent and luminous, smiling vigorously without needing a reason.

You reflect the shining beauty of the world shining back on you, a transparent mirror made of ocean, made of light.

You are the mirror breathing with the world.

You go beyond time. You go beyond the wall. Your soul knows no boundaries.

You can touch the Moon and come back on Earth in 3 seconds.

You can walk through the wall to the other side.

You morph yourself into a human, a cloud, the light, the smoke, the air, the space, the water, the ocean, the dust, the blood, the river, the architecture, the house, a corridor, a door, a key, a room, an angel, a table, a cup, a pencil, a finger bone, a twig, a tree, a forest, the microbes, an insect, a bird, the wall, a monster snake, some brutally brushed traces left around the walls, a piece of hair, a cat, a painter, a model, a chair, somebody in front of you, the Moon, a sailor, the wind, a human-shaped balloon, a window, a curtain, the ray of sunlight, the light particles, someone in the mirror, the oxygen, a smiling cell, a grain of salt, the ocean in a bottle, a dash of waves, the particle of light, somebody without a name who borrows the ears of angels, a ghost’s apprentice, the empty space.





** Excerpts From the Audio-Transcription of Kenzo's Workshop Words / Chapter (0) ~ (6)

Kenzo Kusuda *

- Vitalizing the Invisible :

Kenzo Kusuda

** Excerpts from Kenzo Kusuda’s workshop " Vitalizing the Invisible ", transcribed and expanded upon as part of his wider movement practice.





" We get in closer touch with the energy force of our bodies, which is an intimate yet powerful presentation of nature itself. Reminding ourselves of the fact that we are inevitably part of nature as well. "

Kenzo Kusuda *

* Quotes by Kenzo Kusuda at Maria Blaisse’s Masterclass “ formative forces “ at Platform 21 in Amsterdam, organized by European Ceramic Work Center ( .ekwc ) in 2006.

Artistic Collaborations:

MARIA BLAISSE ( visual artist / designer )

Kenzo Kusuda has long been in close collaboration with Dutch designer / visual artist Maria Blaisse, with whom he has been working in depth as a dancer in many of Maria's art projects, films and museum exhibitions.

Amongst other prominent artists such as; Issay Miyake, Oek de Jong, Frances-Marie Uitti and Joost Swarte, Kusuda also contributed his own writing essay about body and nature’s energy form, design and movement dynamics in Maria Blaisse's latest art book " The Emergence of Form " that was later selected by FILAF " Festival International de Livre 'd Art et du Film " as one of the 9 best International Art Books 2014.

© Maria Blaisse

Book: The Emergence of Form

Unique retrospective of the work of Maria Blaisse

The Emergence of Form is a publication about design. It concerns the necessity of producing exactly the right form, just as in nature. A look at the evolution in the oeuvre of Maria Blaisse allows us to visually follow how one form, as it were, emerges from another.

Maria Blaisse has been creating designs since 1970. She taught textile design for 17 years at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, starting in 1974, and is currently an international visiting professor. In this publication Maria Blaisse discusses her in-depth research into form in various materials and the numerous application possibilities, both autonomous and product-oriented. This idiom of form is examined from various perspectives from other disciplines.

With contributions by fashion designer Issey Miyake, architect Trude Hooykaas, dancer Kenzo Kusuda, writer Oek de Jong, cartoonist Joost Swarte and cellist Frances-Marie Uitti.


* You can have a look into some impressions from the book " The Emergence of Form " from this NAI booksellers website in the link below.

( * Dutch ) The Emergence of Form at

( * English ) The Emergence of Form at

In this NAI Booksellers link above, you can also order the book if you feel like purchasing one. It is a very beautiful book to nourish our sense of wonder to the world and get further inspired by Maria Blaisse's fascinating works and pathways as an inspirational creative artist / designer.

***** Herewith you can have a quick look at Kenzo's contributional writing which is included in this amazing book, it has been such an honour and pleasure to be a part of this incredibly beautiful and amazing book " The Emergence of Form " by artist Maria Blaisse. That was such a wonderful and precious writing experience for me, thank you dear Maria for this great opportunity and trust, with your always inspirational friendship as a person and as an artist, I learn and get inspired so much from you dear Maria..!!! Kenzo







Infiltrating Presence

Infiltrating Presence - a choreographic research project by Kenzo Kusuda (dance, choreography) and Nuska Peszke Dako (research, dramaturgy) produced by Danslab Den Haag 2009. Artistic encounter event with the guest artist Bracha L. Ettinger, who is a visual artist / psychoanalyst / a senior clinical psychologist - with special focus on dance and painting interaction, as well as subjects of presence, virtuality, body, spirit and transubjectivity - impression video by Nuska Peszke Dako

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