Together with classical Indian dancer Indu Panday and visual artist Cocky Eek, Japanese choreographer Kenzo Kusuda welcomes you to step into an enchanting and mystical world beyond imagination. Sometimes barely visible; the most subtle breath of life can cause a tidal wave that is at times nourishing and at other times overpowering, leaving undeniable traces that transform the way we look at things. Braille is an intimate and magical love affair that leaves no one untouched and unaffected.


choreography: Kenzo Kusuda, in collaboration with Indu Panday | dance: Indu Panday | music: Ivo Bol, Kenzo Kusuda & Peter Lemmens ( * with the musical fragments from; Silvius Leopold Weiss, Jim Wilson, Chikuzan Takahashi, Calefax, Antonio de Cabezon. ) | light design: Peter Lemmens | set and costume design: Cocky Eek | costume assistants: Julia Baksa, Inge Vaandering | dramaturgical advice: Leo Spreksel | produced by: Johanna Korgel, Korzo Production, The Hague, NL

special thanks to: Johanna, Leo, Stacz, Marieke, Jeanine, Janneke, everyone of KORZO, Panday family, Theun Karelse, KORZO FRIENDS, Boukje Schweigman, KABK Royal Academy of Arts/Tactile Research Lab, Walid Waldak, Lisa Kapan, Josje la Riviere and the amazing inflatable object CLOUDY by Cocky Eek.

Choreography Braille is a Korzo production i.a.w. Nederlands Dans Theater

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photography: © Rob Hogeslag

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