With depth and lightness at the same time; with respect and reverence, authenticity and serenity, curiosity and excitement, playfulness and humour, friendship and joy, incantation and magic..
Tradition and innovation blending into one enchanting chemistry.

Together with a legendary Balinese Legong dance master Bulantrisna Djelantik & her traditionally trained dancers from Indonesia, a Holland-based Japanese choreographer Kenzo Kusuda shared a fantastic working process to create this cross-cultural contemporary dance piece Beforeiforget, a very special Indonesian/Dutch/Japanese collaboration project commissioned by INDOmania Festival 2015.


choreography: Kenzo Kusuda in collaboration with Bulantrisna Djelantik | dance: Bulantrisna Djelantik, Novy Delimarta, Cicilia Jeno, Kenzo Kusuda | music: Renadi Santoso | produced by: Gerard Mosterd / INDOmania Festival 2015

commissioned by: INDOmania Festival 2015.

Premiered on 19th April 2015, at Melkweg Rabozaal in Amsterdam.

photography: © Marcel van Beek

* note: The name of photographer is also mentioned in the jpeg title for each picture.