The New European Ensemble and Korzo Production present BARE.

Enchanting music-theater with humor, tragedy and poetry. The musicians play the leading protagonists roles and expose themselves bold and bare; not only their dreams and ambitions, but also their struggle to survive and exist.

People have an inner world of ambitions and desires, the manifestation of which is especially conspicuous in the life of a musician. Musicians carry sometimes enormous instruments about with them nearly everywhere they go and invest thousands of hours and more in their craft. Some musicians spend years working to pay off a loan for an instrument and others may spend more of their waking life with their instrument than the people they love. What drives anyone to go to such length? Each musician has a rich love story to tell about their instrument and the sometimes crazy things they have done to realize their dreams and ambitions.

Musicians will struggle and fail and pick themselves up to try again. They will cast aside their differences to cooperate with each other in complex feats of synchronization. They will employ razor sharp animal-instinct and other tacit methods of communication to realize intricate, nearly impossible patterns and harmonies suggested by Australian composer Angus Barnacle's score. With the assistance of Japanese choreographer Kenzo Kusuda, the musicians will give a deeply revealing performance regarding the unspoken world of musicianship.

Ultimately a group of ordinary people will be seen to work together to realize an extraordinary musical vision while inviting the audience to make their own musical sense of the rich and diverse composition of lives, dreams, bodies, instruments, lights, patterns and harmonies revealed by BARE.

In BARE, the New European Ensemble musicians and their inner most hopes and dreams will be candidly etherized upon the stage.


music: Angus Barnacle | choreography: Kenzo Kusuda | musicians: New European Ensemble : Felicia van den End (flute), James Meldrum (clarinet), Rada Ovcharova (violin), Emlyn Stam (viola), Willem Stam (cello), Hanna Shybayeva (piano) | light design: Peter Lemmens | produced by: Korzo Production, The Hague, NL|

Choreography BARE is a Korzo production and is financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Culture, Municipality of The Hague and the Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts

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On-Live-Stage/Scene-Photography: © Ingrid Vente, Remedial Artist

On-Flyer-Photography: © Joris Jan Bos

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